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About Us

Executive Board

Marla Ailor -​ President from Westfield
David Giffel - Treasurer from Fishers

Rick McKinney - Senior Policy Consultant on County Government from Westfield

Fiscal Conservatives Star.jpg

2017 Indiana Senate District 20 candidate Forum Event

We've made it our mission to help identify, recruit, and offer campaign assistance to fiscally conservative candidates interested in seeking municipal, township, school board, and county elected office in the Hamilton County Indiana community.  We host debates and offer endorsements to candidates whom we have deemed worthy of promotion by their advocacy of fiscal conservativism.

Primarily, outside of election season, we offer our thoughts and observations about hot topics, agenda items, and conversations taking place in Hamilton County.  By writing blogs and "white papers" on policy and procedures, we bring our perspectives on the issues affecting the people of Hamilton County.

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