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Who are the FCoHC?

We are people in Hamilton County who want a fiscal responsibility in local government advocating low taxes, reduced government spending, and minimal government debt. 

December 3, 2017

As an ex-board member of Fall Creek Township for nine years and having gone through the merger process between Fall Creek Township and at the time the Town of Fishers in 2010, I am very familiar with the process and the advantages of merging the two governmental units.

November 12, 2017

The Indy Star wrote an article about home values in Hamilton County. We can clearly see the resentment local government creates. 

I am all for home builders to do what they want with their own property within reason to keep our area most quality. I certainly think som...

October 20, 2017

Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County announces new website

The team at FCoHC  is very proud to announce the launch of our website, which can be viewed at We want to be a resource to other like-minded conservatives in Hamilton County Indiana.


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