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Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County endorse Marla Ailor for Washington Township Trustee

The Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County PAC proudly endorse Marla Ailor for Washington Township Trustee. Witnessing the abuses outlined on her website , , reinforces our concerns regarding the way Washington Township government is operating under the current trustee.

Marla has proven herself to be an intelligent voice and active volunteer in the community who has an exceptional eye for detail and fiscal conservancy.

She has brought attention to many over-indulgent spending items and expressed concern regarding the budget details published by the incumbent trustee. Because of her willingness to examine and question the recent works of the office, we feel confident in Marla’s ability to correct any errors she finds. Specifically, we have concern that Washington Township tax dollars are being spent outside of Washington Township. Mrs. Ailor was the first and only person to point this out. She believes Township efficiency should be measured by relative spending and that the current system lacks oversight and prioritization and we support her beliefs.

Ron Thomas , former Westfield City Councilor and the PAC's Westfield member, "urges you to support Marla as she is not entrenched in the political system. She is passionate about being elected your next Washington Township Trustee because she believes the status quo is simply not good enough".

We also feel that the existing Washington Township Board has been negligent in their fiscal responsibilities by approving a strategic plan that used census data from Washington Township in Ohio. Therefore we encourage you to consider adding new members - Cheryl McKinney and Erica Strahm to the advisory board.

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