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Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County Endorse Rick Sharp for County Council District 4

The Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County PAC is formally endorsing Rick Sharp in his run for Hamilton County Council District 4 in the upcoming May 8th Republican primary.

The Fiscal Conservatives can see no better candidate to represent the fiscal body of Hamilton County than Rick Sharp. Bill Smythe, Chairman of the Fiscal Conservatives and longtime political activist in the County, stated, “Rick’s sixteen years of service on the Carmel City Council and the Carmel Clay Plan Commission make him uniquely qualified to understand the role placed on the County Council. He brings a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of how unrestrained government spending can result in future tax increases. Rick refuses to be usurped by Hamilton County’s spendthrift executives running amok. It's critical that voters are aware of what's happening and which candidate will be the one to fight to keep our county fiscally strong and avoid higher taxes upon its residents for years to come." Sharp was defeated by Carmel’s Mayor Jim Brainard in 2015, however Sharp was proven correct when he forewarned of impending revenue shortfalls that would ultimately come to fruition in Carmel. Unfortunately, Sharp’s warnings continue to fall on deaf ears as Carmel’s debt has ballooned to over $1.3 billion with their recent approval of new debt consisting of $41 million for the construction of a private hotel.

One candidate in this County Council race is a Carmel city government employee who ran previously with Mayor Brainard. Another candidate has been handpicked by the current big spender commissioners who seek to regain control of the county council by eliminating true fiscal conservatives and anyone who dared to rebuke them for their efforts to build a fire training center funded by the county, despite the fact that the county has no role in fire fighting. Smythe stated, “The Board of Commissioners want a rubber stamped County Council that approves all of their spending initiatives. Therefore, we are strongly encouraging the citizens that live within County Council District 4, to vote for Rick Sharp. He has the courage to stand with the “Voters over Vendors” in Hamilton County to protect them through the enactment of sound, prudent fiscal policy, as he has demonstrated during his long and proven record of public service “

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