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Fiscal Conservatives for Hamilton County Endorse Mark Hall for County Council District 3

The Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County PAC proudly and without hesitation endorse Mark F. Hall for Hamilton County Council District 3 in the Republican primary May 8th, 2018. After a thorough vetting of candidates backgrounds we believe Mark will bring a much-needed fresh voice and attitude to county government.

Hamilton County government has become dysfunctional with the County Commissioners expecting the County Council to rubber stamp their initiatives and the council understandably pushing back. Recently, Commissioners brought yet another executed agreement to the County Council asking the council for financial approval after the fact.

Dan Rieke , former President of the Fall Creek Township Board and the PAC's at-large member notes "It seems that the Commissioners either assume approval or don’t respect the government check and balance. We feel that Mark will stand up for the Tax Payers of Hamilton County and end the capitulation we’ve lived through for the past 16 years".

The PAC feels we need to elect more council members who can build strong respectful relationships and who work hard to build consensus on the big issues facing the county. Someone who knows what it takes to build a business and create thousands of jobs. Someone who signs the front of paychecks and makes decisions which positively affect his employees’ quality of life.

Mark Hall meets all these criteria. His four campaign planks are:

  • Protect District 3 tax dollars – Ending “SPEND FIRST” behavior.

  • Serve as an independent voice fighting against establishment politicians Cronyism.

  • Work for fellow Taxpayers and NOT Tax Spenders.

  • Represent Hoosier values and Kitchen table common sense.

Please join us in supporting Mark F. Hall for Hamilton County council in district 3. Remember, “For Taxpayers NOT Tax Spenders”!

To learn more about Mark you can visit

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