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Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County endorse Matt Milam for County Commissioner

The Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County PAC formally endorse Matt Milam in his run for Hamilton County Commissioner District 1 in the upcoming May 8th Republican primary.

The Fiscal Conservatives feel Matt’s experience leading Concerned Citizens for Home Place (CCHP) as President for fourteen years in a volunteer capacity shows both a commitment to the community, his fellow neighbors, and citizens. In protecting the property rights and keeping tax rates in check for the residents of Home Place, Milam saved the residents untold millions in Carmel taxes over that 14-year period which eventually became the driving force behind a change in Indiana State Law regarding annexation procedures.

Milam also served the citizens and community as Precinct Committeeman since 2008 and has served on the Carmel Clay Fire Board.

"Matt’s demonstrated strength in sound, steady leadership will enable him to make the difficult decisions that face the Commissioners" , proclaimed Rick Smith, who is one of the PAC's Carmel members. Smith also noted that " Matt will bring value to the Board of Commissioners by maximizing citizen benefits while holding the line on costs

and he promises he will work closely in conjunction with the County Council. He will make sure there are no surprise, last-minute high dollar requests for expansion of Government services. "

The PAC believes Milam knows that it is Your tax dollars that are most important. Milam has made the promise to accept no contributions from any companies that do business with Hamilton County. Milam is beholden only to the citizens of Hamilton County, not Government contractors or companies receiving County taxpayer funding.

For these reasons Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County proudly endorses Matt Milam as our choice for Hamilton County Commissioner District 1. Matt is a true public servant.

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