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Another Tax Increase in Fishers

Larry Lannan in Fishers reported the City of Fishers wants yet another tax increase. It's only $1.71 per month. Fishers Moving Toward Increase in Stormwater Fee to Avoid Deficit

Raining Money Fishers Indiana

Every time a new business or home is built in Fishers, the city will get extra funds to pay for stormwater expenses. Please now go look at your property tax assesment under Property Record Cards and see what impact you will see in 2019. My assesment is going up $10,000 higher in 2019, so the city will be getting more money. Why does Fishers need more tax dollars? Answer: The sudden increase of half a million for salaries.

Other Recent Tax Increases by the City of Fishers IBJ (September 19, 2016) Fishers City Council OKs wheel tax, gives itself pay raise

Indy Star Chris Sikich (Oct. 21, 2015) Fishers to increase property taxes Fishers (2016) Increases Park Impact Fees Larry Lannan (March 12, 2018) Non-Residents of Fishers May Pay Higher Fees To Use Saxony Beach This Summer The Study

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