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New PAC members

The Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County PAC , a group formed in July of 2017 whose “ primary mission will be to help identify, recruit, and offer campaign assistance and funding to fiscal conservatives interested in seeking municipal, township, and county elected office in the Hamilton County Indiana community” is pleased to announce changes to their board membership. FCoHC founding members Dan Reike and Mike Colby have resigned from the board and have been replaced by Marla Ailor of Washington Township and Lee Clark of Noblesville.

Dan Reike moved to Marion County in 2017 and while he has remained a valuable contributor to the PAC , helping with Mark Hall’s County Council primary race, he has decided to take a break from HamCo politics and focus his efforts in Indy and with his family. Mike Colby was also one of the original 6 founding members and has been working through some health issues and has decided it is time to enjoy retirement with his lovely wife Judy. Both gentlemen will retain their status as at large advisers and contribute when and where they are able.

Lee Clark ran for County Commissioner is 2012 and has been a resident of Hamilton County for over 40 years. He is currently employed by Indiana Public Retirement Systems helping state employees wade through the many challenges they face as they transition out of government and into retirement. Bill Smythe , chairman of the PAC said , “ As a fellow candidate for County Commissioner, Lee fully understands the difficulties challengers face when running against a well funded and more often than not – long term incumbents. If we are going to make an impact in future elections his knowledge and experience will be vital to that objective”

Marla Ailor joins the PAC having recently earned their endorsement during her run as Washington Township Trustee ( Westfield) . She is relatively new to the “political” scene in HamCo but ran an excellent campaign and has a great passion to help her community and county. Smythe offers this , “ she will be a great addition to the PAC bringing her youthful exuberance and high energy to a group of longtime political veterans that welcome her fresh perspective. Marla more than acquitted herself during the primary and I think she will be a future leader in Hamilton County down the road." The FCoHC was initially founded with the goal of impacting the municipal election in Fishers in 2019. Much has changed in the last year and they have sponsored two candidate forums , one to replace Sen. Kenley in October of 2017 , and a sheriff candidate forum held in March of this year. The initial group has evolved and the board has been expanded to grow the reach county wide, now to include members from all four of the largest municipalities. They are looking to add one more board member from one of the 4 smaller townships Jackson, Wayne, White River and Adams when a good match is found.

These new board members will further shape the future objectives and efforts of the PAC as they move forward. If you would like to participate or contact members of the PAC you can do so via email at or visit our facebook page at

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