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HSE Candidate Forum

The Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County PAC hosted their third candidate forum for the Hamilton Southeastern School Board candidates. The event was held on Tuesday October 23rd 2018 at the Ji-Eun Lee Music Academy and moderated by current HSE board member John Delucia. You can watch the entire forum here compliments of our friends at TownePost TV .

2018 FCoHC Schoolboard Forum

The event was sponsored by Hamilton County Councilor Amy Massillamany-Howell and TownePost TV. Ten candidates were able to participate. Michelle Fullhart had a family emergency and could not attend. All questions were submitted by the public in a lively and entertaining format. The audience was asked to participate in an informal straw poll and here are the results by district. We do not claim this vote to be a predictor of the election outcome, merely a reflection of the people in attendance at the event. District 1: Josh Richardson 53% , Brad Boyer 42%, Ben Elsbury 5% District 2: Matt Molter 47%, Frank Whelen 40% ,Janet Pritchett 13% District 3: Jennifer Reardon-McSorley 57%, Michelle Fullhart 43%

District 4: Brad Banks 72%, Julie Chambers 28% HSE School Corp has an annual budget of $242 Million dollars and plays a vital part of the Fishers community and please vote on Tuesday November 6, 2018.

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