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Why Is Fishers Paying For Carmel's Spending?

Answer: Inequitable Local Income tax distribution! The wage earners in Hamilton County pay a 1% local income tax going into one big pot.

Unfair Tax Distribution

The State has a one-size-fits-all formula whereby Fishers is unfairly paying for Carmel's government services. A city's main revenues come from both property taxes and local income tax distribution. If you go back in time over the past several years, in all likelihood Fishers wage earners have bought over $50 million in Carmel services.

Source: DLGF and Census Data

Other units in Hamilton County

Time for a change and re-balance the way our Local Income tax is distributed. Editors note: Since this was published we have learned that HB 1427 does include language that will allow each county to make adjustments to their LIT distribution if one entity is off by more than 5% from an equal sized entity. HB 1427 has passed out of the House and will be sent to committee in the Senate. Related Articles IBJ Fishers cries foul, claims tax formula benefits Carmel November 11, 2017 The Reporter - Larry Lannan Fishers, Carmel and County Option Income Tax OCTOBER 14, 2017 David Giffel is a Fishers Indiana homeowner, Republican Hamilton County Delaware Township Board Member, Hamilton County Delaware 19 Republican precinct Committeeman, FCoHC Board-member, Chairman Central Indiana IoPP Chapter, entrepreneur and has over 29 years business experience in manufacturing polymer resins, compounds and plastic films.

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