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Thank you, Westfield!

On yet another rainy April evening, I made my way over the great White River to the furthest western reaches of Hamilton County to participate in a Westfield Candidate Forum hosted by this group and made possible by the tireless efforts of Marla Ailor, Westfield PAC member. We wish to also thank the League of Women voters for partnering with us on promotion of our first collaborative candidate forum. As I wrote in my blog post about Carmel's Mayoral debate, the challenged incumbents on the Westfield City Council all managed to find a conflict that prevented them from participating but in the end that will prove to be their loss. Nearly 75 residents ignored the weather and came to the beautiful Grand Park Events Center to hear what the candidates that will represent them on the city council for the next four years had to say.

Moderated by Jimmy Cox, Chairman of the Westfield Young Professionals, the candidates were each given several questions, all fiscally related, to help illiterate their positions beyond the normal 2 minute "elevator speech." Clearly the hit of the evening was the lightning round which proved to be both informative and humorous. We were able to Facebook live the event and had an amazing number of viewers and comments. If you're on Facebook and wish to watch the event you can do so here. We will release the professional video on You Tube early next week. We have done our part. The Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County will be offering candidate endorsements, of which this forum will be the MAIN source, and regret that the challenged incumbents couldn't find a way to fit you voters into their schedules. Please check our Facebook page for those endorsements in the next week. NOW IT IS UP TO EACH OF YOU TO DO YOUR PART AND GO VOTE! Early voting starts April 24th!

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