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Fiscal Conservatives Endorse Bob Beaudry for Westfield City Council-District 2

The Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County are pleased to endorse Bob Beaudry for Westfield’s Council District 2.

Bob and Alison Beaudry moved to the Countryside neighborhood in 2005 because of the excellent reputation of Westfield schools and safety of this community. Their daughters are both Westfield graduates.

Bob is a 30-year self-employed entrepreneur who has a bachelor’s degree from Purdue University. Because he believes Westfield’s greatest assets may be at risk due to planning, zoning and financing issues, he has performed selfless and dogged work on behalf of our community. Ron Thomas FCoHC Board Member says, "Bob understands that the public needs timely, complete and accurate information in order to make sound decisions. His lessons learned during campaign cycles reflect an outstanding and consistent commitment to conservative principles over a wide range of issues."

Beaudry believes in protecting the affordability of retired and single income families who continue to feel the sting of higher taxes and referendums on their fixed incomes. He will bring sound financial stewardship to the taxpayers and recognizes that while the city has continued to boast about lowering the tax rate, most taxpayers have realized that collections actually increased on their bill.

We strongly support Bob Beaudry for Westfield City Council District 2 and urge you to get out and vote on May 7th!

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