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Fiscal Conservatives Endorse Jennifer Kehl for Fishers City Clerk

The Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County are pleased to extend our endorsement for Fishers City Clerk to long time Fishers resident and current incumbent Jennifer Kehl. As a general rule the Clerk's office is not one with any fiscal duties or decision making that impacts fiscal policy but we are making an exception in our endorsements. In part because Mrs. Kehl has been a civic leader for over 30 years serving several non-profits. She is best known for her 29 years of service to the Fishers Freedom Festival and served as the Executive Director for 25 which ended with an unfortunate dispute with the city council and the Mayors office. As a result of that disagreement, the establishment sought out a primary opponent despite the fact Mrs. Kehl has performed her elected duties effectively . She is the City's first Clerk so she created the office protocols and procedures that will serve Fishers long into the future. Jennifer has lived in Fishers since 1983 and has been married 35 years to George Kehl, retired Fishers Chief of Police of 38 years. Jennifer and George have two sons Greg and Geoffrey. Greg is a Sergeant on the Noblesville Police Department and Geoffrey is on the autism spectrum and lives with her and George. She has strong family values and enjoy spending time with my family and friends. FCoHC Chairman Bill Smythe offered this personal endorsement . " My wife Brenda served with Jennifer on the board of the Fishers Freedom Festival for 25 years and she informs me she has never seen a more dedicated individual in this town ( oops city) than her. She doesn't offer such strong personal endorsements very often so when she does, I pay attention. " You can find more about Jennifer Kehl here. Please vote for her on May 7th in the GOP primary.

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