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Fiscal Conservatives Endorse Mike Johns for Westfield City Council-District 5

The Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County are proud to offer their endorsement to Mike Johns for City Council – District 5 in Westfield.

Mike Johns grew up in Deerfield, IL and attended Northwestern University where he earned his MBA. In 2003, along with his wife Holly, they developed and moved to the 11-acre, 15-home subdivision of Bainbridge. They joined their children and grandchildren here as residents of Westfield.

As a realtor, Mike has worked for the past 17 years with Century 21 Scheetz. He has prior experience in the manufacturing and transportation fields.

In addition to attending virtually every city council meeting for the past few years, Mike knows what’s going on in the City of Westfield. He is prepared to address our rapid growth and is committed to preserving established residential neighborhoods by keeping out commercial creep. Mike is ready to vigorously pursue bringing high-tech manufacturing businesses to Westfield and believes he knows how to do it.

Having met and heard from Mike at our recent Candidate Forum, FCoHC Chairman Bill Smythe remarked, "It is obvious that Mike is engaged. Effective leadership is essential to navigate the challenges that Westfield is facing, and he (Mike Johns) will help pave the way for opportunities that will bring economic development and much needed revenue."

Johns, an emerging force in council candidates, is committed to Westfield and will provide a unique perspective that makes him the best candidate for this exceptional opportunity.

Vote for Mike Johns, Westfield City Council District 5.

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