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Fiscal Conservatives Endorse Paula Hughel for Fishers City Council SE District 1

The Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County formally endorse Paula Hughel in the upcoming GOP primary on May 7th, 2019 for City Council SE District 1. She is challenging the former Town Councilor and current City Council incumbent Pete Peterson who was first elected in 2011.

Hughel has resided in Fishers for 16 years along with her husband Tom of 26 years and they have raised two sons Andrew and Zachary . She has served as the PC for FC 21 since the 2016 election in addition to 18 years in as an adult leader in Boy Scouts of America. She holds a Bachelors Degree from Ball State and earned her MBA from Lindenwood University . Now retired, her 31 years at General Motors working her way up through the ranks into management, combined with her public and community service, will serve her well in bringing competency and transparency to the Fishers City Council.

In reviewing the history and original objectives of the Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County, Chairman, Bill Smythe noted, "We started this group in 2017 with the desire to target three seats on the Fishers City Council that we felt were behind most of the problems impacting our city government. " One of those seats is that of Ms Hughel's opponent who is employed by a vendor (RQAW) that seemingly has a hand in every road project in the county and is a major contributor to all the campaigns of the establishment candidates.

Taking on a powerful political insider, like the incumbent, isn't an easy task. After witnessing Paula Hughel's dogged effort and tireless drive to meet as many voters possible over these last three months, we are pleased to aknowledge , she is indeed exactly the type of candidate that is needed to BRING A NEW PERSPECTIVE to the City Council and not serve as a rubber stamp .

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