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Fiscal Conservatives Endorse Scott Frei for Westfield City Council-District 4

It is with great pleasure the Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County endorse Scott Frei for District 4-Westfield City Council.

Frei and his wife, Karla have raised their family in Westfield over the last 18 years. Throughout those years, Scott

has coached hundreds of boys and girls in various WYSI sports. As a volunteer youth leader at the Westfield campus of Northview Church, he mentors a group of young men from the class of 2023. He has spent the last seventeen years as a Senior District Sales Manager for a multi-billion-dollar electronics technology company.

Scott is adamant that Westfield must gain control of spending and minimize its ever-rising debt. He understands that it is the job of City Council to oversee the City’s budget, and he plans on helping to create a finance committee with the council to bring an end to wasteful spending.

Throughout his campaign, Scott has answered the tough questions. He has run on the premise of taking a common-sense approach to local government. Scott has stated time and time again, "If the City's massive debt is left unchecked, it will be the debt that dictates the future of Westfield." He believes debt causes reactionary growth instead of the planned sustainable growth that Westfield needs and its citizens deserve .

"A principled, intelligent and hardworking man," says Marla Ailor FCoHC Board Member-Westfield, "his commitment and dedication to Westfield, along with his conservative approach to the use of your tax dollars make Scott the best choice."

Make your choice known by voting for Scott Frei - District 4 on May 7th.

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