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Fiscal Conservatives Endorse Troy Patton for Westfield City Council At-Large

Troy Patton, At-Large Candidate for Westfield City Council, is proudly endorsed by the Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County for the upcoming May 7th Primary.

Patton and his wife Kim, 19-year residents of Westfield, with two children, Jenna and Clay, are proud to call it home. Troy received his Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from Miami of Ohio University in 1992 and has been self-employed for the past 22 years as a Certified Public Accountant specializing in business valuations and investment management.

Troy has been a strong advocate for kids in our community by donating his time to make sure Westfield's most vulnerable come first. He believes that trust should be earned and promises to work tirelessly to earn yours.

Troy Patton will bring financial clarity to the council by identifying projects that offer a return on investment and will demand detailed financial information before making council decisions. He will examine Westfield’s Tax Increment Financing Districts and work to reallocate those collected funds to Westfield schools, while also making a concerted effort to end their necessity and lower taxes for residents. He believes in tempered growth and recognizes the need to diversify our tax base.

Troy made the choice NOT to accept campaign contributions because he chooses to "not to be beholden to any person, corporation or organization" and we applaud his effort.

Marla Ailor FcoHC Board Member in Westfield, says, "Patton is zealously assertive which is rare among candidates, yet this is precisely the type of leadership taxpayers in Westfield deserve and require. He has the proven drive and ability to yield tangible progress in our community."

For all of these reasons, our support for City Council At-Large in Westfield is best placed in Troy Patton.

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