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Fiscal Conservatives Endorse Cindy Gossard for Westfield Clerk-Treasurer

It is with great pleasure the Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County formally endorse Cindy Gossard for Westfield Clerk-Treasurer. Statutorily contemplated by Indiana Code, the position is one which creates a system of checks and balances within our municipality and Cindy has worked successfully in municipal finance for 26 years.

It is the responsibility of the Clerk Treasurer, as our fiscal officer, to keep clear financial records for the city which include maintaining custody of the records, books and papers of the city council in addition to keeping their minutes. She also receives and disburses monies for accounts receivable and payable, handles payroll for city employees, and any other monies by order of the city council. Cindy retains those records as required by the State Board of Accounts and has given the office the effective oversight it requires. Ms. Gossard has done this with staff members who collectively have 83 years of experience between them and they enjoy a pleasant and friendly atmosphere in the office.

The transparent and professional experience necessary to do the job in being handled by a person of great integrity and it is for this reason, we whole-heartedly support Cindy Gossard for Westfield Clerk-Treasurer on May 7th.

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