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Fiscal Conservatives Endorse Fred Glynn for Mayor of the City of Carmel

The Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County are pleased to support Fred Glynn with their endorsement for Mayor of the City of Carmel in the May 7th Primary Election.

Mr. Glynn has first-hand experience in local government and will uphold the values of a true fiscal conservative. Fred believes in balanced budgets and fiscal responsibility while ensuring improvements can be made without increasing taxes. He has fought against special interest groups and party insiders when they did not serve his district’s residents while being mindful of the long-term fiscal health of his community.

FCoHC Board Members agree that Fred Glynn has an effective platform which fundamentally aligns with the core tenants of fiscal conservatism.

“We believe in Mr. Glynn’s ability to uphold our political-economic philosophy by advocating for lower taxes, reduced government spending and lower debt by decreasing the burden of excessive taxation created by the incumbent. Fred Glynn will be a responsible city leader who is acquainted with the unseen costs in economic progress and will respect the taxpayer’s individual rights.”

Mr. Glynn is prepared to implement change by addressing the key issues and challenges facing the people of the City of Carmel. Accountability and transparency are essential elements of Mr. Glynn's campaign and we encourage you to vote for him on these critical issues on May 7th.

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