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Fiscal Conservatives Endorse Gurinder Singh for Fishers City Council At-Large

Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County are pleased to endorse Gurinder Singh for Fishers City Council, At Large.

Gurinder Singh is an American and Fishers resident by choice; he has been a resident of our city for the last 10 years along with his wife and two children. One of the reasons Mr. Singh is running is to make sure we leave this city better then how we found it. He believes Fishers can be a wonderful place to live, work, and play not only for our generation, but for our children and grandchildren as well. He has promised to donate all of his City Council pay to local charities supporting Police and Fire Fighters families.

Mr. Singh's business experience in property management, budgeting, and planning will be a valuable asset to the community. His approach to developing Fishers in a sustainable and organic fashion is the fiscally responsible approach. After meeting with Gurinder over the last several months , David Giffel , FCoHC founding member and Treasurer said, " He understands that incurring too much debt and the overuse of credit to finance development unfairly shifts the costs of this to future generations who do not have a say on these decisions. Additionally some of the mechanisms used to fund this development can place a greater burden on our high performing schools by marginalizing their potential tax base."

There are three At-Large seats contested by four candidates in the GOP primary on May 7th. You can vote for up to three, or only one if wish, but only the top three vote winners will advance to the November general election. The other three incumbents are running as part of the Mayors slate and will continue to act as a rubber stamp for his policies and methods. You can learn more about Gurinder Singh at

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