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Call 911 - Another Tax Increase is Coming! So what's the Problem?

Larry Lannan reported on July 15, 2019, "Fadness says this income tax increase would likely bring-in $16 million in 2020 county-wide, while the 911 service bill for the entire county is about $11 million a year. The extra $5 million could be used to defray costs for electronic equipment installed in police vehicles, which is part of the dispatch system."

Mayor Fadness proposed a tax increase on our taxable wages from 1.00% to 1.10%. A ten percent increase! Solution to 911 Funding?

Without any doubt, the number one role of local government is to protect its citizens, and E-911 is a lifesaver. The E-911 service is consolidated Countywide and reduces costs to all citizens of Hamilton County. Most people think the one dollar per month tax our phone companies collect cover the cost of Hamilton County 911 services. It doesn't. Our cities pay the balance to our Hamilton County Communication Center from their general funds. The Hamilton County published 2019 budget is $7,385,312. (7/29/19 - 2020 budget 1156-EMERGENCY TELEPHONE SYSTEM $8,299,067) Did we have a problem? Hamilton County Reporter Jeff Jellison in January reported big cities like Carmel and Fishers pay a larger portion of this service. OK, but the solution is to tax everyone three times what's needed?

Once we give this 10% increase of taxable income to our local government, we will never get it back. I will also mention Fishers' Mayor Fadness wants to strengthen us by implementing a "regional" income tax. What will that be?

Is this really about protecting Hamilton County residences? The General Funds would no longer pay the 911 expense. Our 911 cost would be paid with the new income taxes. The tax might "replace" the cash already being spent on these services and this appears to be a shell game.

The new tax will generate a reported $5 million in extra cash for cities to spend. The extra cash generated could be used for increased Fire and Police protection like body cameras. No way $16 million is a need for more protection. This proposal is a way for Fishers to fix the Why Is Fishers Paying For Carmel's Spending?, since the State failed to reconcile a huge income tax inequality problem. Don't worry Carmel, you will get more than your fair share with this tax increase.

How much more would a wage earner pay for this 911 (cough, cough Other) proposal?

Wage Earner Pay

Hamilton County cities are on a roadrunners pace. There's nothing wrong with taking a few years to breathe and let us decide how to use the fruits of our labor. Please Mayors, let us keep our wages. Related Articles

David Giffel is a Fishers Indiana homeowner, Republican Hamilton County Delaware Township Board Member, Hamilton County Delaware 19 Republican precinct Committeeman, FCoHC Founding Board-member and Treasurer, Chairman Central Indiana IoPP Chapter, entrepreneur and has over 29 years business experience in manufacturing polymer resins, compounds and plastic films.

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