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The Elephant in the Room Sure Looks Like A "RINO"

The Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County strongly believe in political-economic philosophies that remind our local government to practice fiscal policy and responsibility. We believe elected officials should always advocate for low taxes, reduced government spending and minimal government debt. We think candidates should be selected based on this same philosophy. Some people have asked, “Are the Fiscal Conservatives a Republican group?” The answer is simple; no, we are nonpartisan. By and large, we have supported and endorsed Republican candidates for elected office. As a nonpartisan group though, the Fiscal Conservatives have decided to depart from our norm for the upcoming municipal election given the political practices of some throughout the County.

  • We are increasingly aware of candidates “swapping parties” to get elected. (Democrats running as Republicans. These people are called RINOs: Republican in Name Only.)

  • We know that party leaders are critical of their non-promoted candidate’s voting records during primaries regardless of their declared party. (Republicans who value Republican beliefs, but once voted in a Democratic Primary.)

  • We have seen party allies support non-party candidates. (Republicans supporting non-Republican candidates, which isn’t a very Republican thing to do.)

The Fiscal Conservatives urge voters to choose a FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATE EACH AND EVERY TIME they cast their ballot in Hamilton County. Unlike some, we stand by what we believe in and we have seen our values practiced by more than one party.

We believe the following quote to be integral truths and inherent ideas that candidates in this municipal election should possess, “Responsible city leaders are mindful of the unseen costs imposed by arbitrary zoning and land-use regulations and how they confound economic progress. City zoning and land-use regulations can be equally arbitrary and capricious. They can treat individuals with similar property very differently, depending on how the land is zoned or based on the arbitrary recommendations of an unelected planning board or city planners. Keeping city government within narrow bounds is difficult. Numerous special interests, lobby city council members to expand or adopt their pet projects. City Council members are under constant pressure from these powerful special interests and city bureaucrats who have vested interests in maintaining and expanding activities under their purview. Responsible city leaders recognize and resist these pressures. Mayors and Council members must constantly rededicate themselves to serving the public interest by limiting government activities and respecting individual rights.” (Retrieved from:

We look forward to sharing our endorsements of candidates countywide very soon but ask that you keep our sentiments in mind. If you would like more information on our organization, please email us at:

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