Fiscal Conservatives Endorse Vare for Fishers City Council At Large.

The Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County proudly and without hesitation endorse Jocelyn Vare for Fishers City Council, At Large. Jocelyn is the very first Democratic candidate to receive the organization’s endorsement and proves that responsible financial stewardship is a principle, not a political affiliation as covered in this recent blog post.

Jocelyn Vare

Jocelyn Vare has been a Fishers resident for over 21 years and has two adult children who graduated from HSE Schools. She is the owner of Propeller Marketing, LLC, an advertising agency founded in 2001 that promotes tourism and economic development in Indiana communities. Jocelyn earned a bachelor’s degree from Butler University and is a graduate of Ball State’s Community Development Course, Fishers City Government Academy and the Hamilton County Leadership Academy.

Jocelyn has been an active community volunteer for over a decade. She currently serves as a member of Fishers’ new Arts & Culture Commission, board secretary of Nickel Plate Arts and president of Fishers Music Works, the community’s performing arts non-profit organization. She has previously served as Fishers Arts Council president, co-chair of Spark!Fishers committees, Historic Ambassador House board member and Fishers 2040 Plan task force member.

Jocelyn Vare shines a spotlight on Fishers city government’s mismanagement of taxpayer funds, lack of accountability, and elimination of meaningful resident feedback opportunities. She advocates for the public release of results data and clear return on investment reports, so that the public can evaluate them. Jocelyn recently notified Fishers residents that the municipal debt has increased 91% in eight years. She believes that the current approach to municipal finances and community economic development is reckless and irresponsible. She also alerted the public to the plan supported by the mayor and his city council to raise our property tax rate for the fifth consecutive year. Jocelyn speaks boldly against the status quo and plainly notifies the public of the facts when no one else will.

“As a new Fishers City Council member, Jocelyn will be a strong voice for Fishers residents who are concerned about the community’s frantic pace of mega-development, long-term financial sustainability and other concerns,” stated Logan Day, Fishers Director for the Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County. “Her voice will challenge the status quo and provide a much needed checks and balances to City Council. Jocelyn Vare is not beholden to any elected official, nor is she a part of the mayor’s team of City Council members. Her objectives are to serve residents, demand city government accountability and implement measured, fiscally-responsible community development.”

There are three At-Large City Council seats contested by four candidates in the Fishers municipal general election on November 5th. Voters may vote for UP TO three At-Large candidates. Jocelyn is the only non-incumbent candidate. It is guaranteed that two of the At-Large seats will be won by incumbents who have served for five years and have increased residents’ taxes annually. If you want Jocelyn Vare to win the third At-Large seat, VOTE just for her. Your vote for just Jocelyn and only Jocelyn will greatly improve her odds of winning. Your ballot can be submitted even if you do not use all three of your votes. “Under” voting for the At-Large race is acceptable and will provide a much-needed change to the makeup of Fishers City Council.

To learn more about Jocelyn Vare, visit or ask Jocelyn a question, call 888-518-7117 or email Updated link to Larry Lannan podcast with Jocelyn by clicking here.