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Fiscal Conservatives Endorse David George Fishers Council SW

The Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County formally endorse David George for Fishers' City Council District Southwest.

David George grew up in a military family and has lived in Fisher for 28 years serving 16 years on the City Council. He works as a civil engineer planning roads, bridges, and drainage projects throughout the United States. He is active in our locality teaching martial arts and engaged in helping wounded veterans find jobs in our community.

David is extremely knowledgeable and professional in all his undertakings excelling in smart infrastructure. As a current member of the Fishers City Council, David asks the tough questions and holds the city accountable for dollars spent.

Local news reporter Larry Lannan said in a recent podcast, "…I think you voted "No" more often than any particular member… not in a negative way…" In context, David gives fiscal sustainability great thought to every project in our growing city, which will lead Fishers to greater taxpayer savings versus waste in our community. David takes the time every month to send emails to constituents and neighborhood association leaders before every council meeting with simple explanations of the agenda items.

To learn more about David George, visit or You can listen to the podcast from Larry Lannan here. David George will be the only Republican on the Fishers Council we endorse. Although most are fine leaders, we believe candidates should stand on their merit, separate and equal, without the appearance of reserved executive branch power.

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