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FCoHC Endorse Donald Rainwater for Mayor of Westfield

It’s not always an easy decision determining which candidate best reflects our views on governance, growth, and the importance of fiscal conservatism; however, after thoughtful consideration, we believe the candidate we’ve chosen to endorse is uniquely qualified to lead Westfield into the future. The Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County endorse Donald Rainwater for Mayor. Donald is the first Libertarian candidate to receive our endorsement, once again reinforcing our organization’s commitment to responsible fiscal policy at all levels of government within Hamilton County, without regard to political affiliation.

Don and his wife, Leslie, have been residents of Westfield since 2008. They have a blended family of six children, including a daughter who currently attends Westfield-Washington Schools. Donald is a veteran of the United States Navy. With over twenty years of experience in software engineering, Donald has spent the past 6 years as a software engineering manager, project/product manager, and quality assurance manager.

As an active member of the community, Donald has coached youth baseball and soccer in Hamilton County, has volunteered with the Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana, and is currently the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Hamilton County.

Donald Rainwater clearly shares and supports the fiscally conservative views of the Westfield City Council candidates endorsed by the FCoHC in the spring. As a Libertarian, Donald is an advocate of minimal government intervention in the free market and the private lives of citizens. Because he believes that municipal debt should be a last resort, he will work diligently to rein in spending, reduce the city’s debt, and ensure that Westfield operates on a balanced budget. He will accomplish these goals by being considerate of revenue forecasting, line-item budgeting, project and cost accounting and debt limiting. Don also believes in increased accountability and transparency within the Westfield Mayor’s administration and is determined to bring city services into the 21st century, including live-streaming of all council, committee, and board meetings, as well as providing an enhanced online resident experience for all interactions with the city government.

Like other communities across the county, Westfield is grappling with problems ranging from unrestrained growth and housing affordability to over-inflated land values and public safety issues. Westfield needs capable leadership to tackle these problems. We have confidence that as Mayor of Westfield, Donald Rainwater will focus on providing the core shared services that residents need and expect, while exhibiting the fiscal restraint necessary to prepare the City of Westfield for any economic situation which may arise in the foreseeable future. We think a more fiscally conservative approach must be developed and implemented which will result in a more efficient delivery of services, while at the same time maximize the use of limited taxpayer dollars. Now more than ever, the City of Westfield needs strong leadership that understands the challenges and concerns of its own marginalized residents. Westfield needs someone who will ensure there is funding and support to help position this community for success by taking preventative measures.

To learn more about Donald Rainwater’s vision for Westfield, visit or To reach out to Donald directly, call 317-492-3765 or email him at

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