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Does your vote count?

Many people I've talked to over the years concerning getting out to vote have told me that they don't vote because their vote doesn't really count. This excuse is not only crazy but completely false.

Consider, in a typical Hamilton County election there are less than 20% of the registered voters that actually vote.

Think about that, there are thousands upon thousands of people who aren't registered therefore the real percentage of the population that votes is far smaller than 20%. I would place that percentage between 5% and 10%. So when you look down your street at just a few of your neighbors homes give a second of thought as to whet

her your vote, one of 5 or 10, could make a difference in the outcome. If you're honest with yourself, you'll admit it can.

People have also told me that they can't make it due to their work schedule.

Well, I think this is a better excuse but when the politicians keep increasing taxes, fees, and fines they force you to have to work more just to keep your head above water. Is taking a hour off work better than having to work another two days just to cover the additional costs they'll pile on over the next few years? Consider, your local councils and mayors recently approved increasing the local income tax by 10%. That means you'll have to work more just to bring home what you had been bringing home. Would you rather spend that time with your family, get a little extra sleep, or get to keep that money? I know I would!

Other people have told me they don't vote because it's inconvenient.

Let's look back in history. Do you think that the Founding Fathers and their generation, along with subsequent generations, found it "convenient" to travel hours by horse, wagon, or foot to exercise their Right to vote? Do you think they shed their blood so voting would be convenient? Simply put, "No" and "Hell No"!

Your Right to vote isn't about coddling you, it's about you participating in selecting those that will make decisions on how your money is spent by government, how much money is taken from you by government, what laws are approved, what can be built next to your home, what is deemed priorities, and so on. Voting is a RIGHT that many throughout the world don't have. And to use a lame excuse like "inconvenience" is really a slap in the face to the men and women who have fought and died to protect your Right to vote.

In the end, "YES" your vote matters and counts! So, be an American and exercise the Rights you have or one day you might find you don't have any.

This Op Ed if offered by Westfield Director Ron Thomas as a reminder that voting in local elections have a much greater impact on your lives than any national election. The entire board of Directors of FCoHC encourage you to do your part and get out and vote.

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