Democrats !! Oh Dear!

It's Wednesday morning November 6th, and as I write this I can assure you the sun came up today, just like it has every other day of my life. That is not to suggest today isn't different than any previous day, because it is, and it has a lot to do with the reality that three Democrats won seats on a HamCo City Council for the first time in my lifetime. Two in Fishers and one in Carmel and they came within a handful of votes of flipping a few more. No doubt many will find a way to blame The Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County because we endorsed a Democrat in Fishers. We will own it, but need to remind everyone that we started this group because the same group of "executives", with a seemingly endless supplies of vendor money, have not governed as fiscal conservatives and continue to stack their respective councils with rubber stamp candidates. It strikes me as a sad day when Democrats are demonstrably more fiscally conservative than the vast majority of elected Republicans in this county. Now, more than ever, we shouldn't overlook a BIG problem which is voter apathy. Less than 16% of the registered voters in the county participated in municipal elections which arguably have the greatest impact on our daily lives. I personally think the move to early voting and multiple voting centers SHOULD result in increased participation, but that doesn't seem to be the case. WHY? Are we so happy with what is going on that we don't participate or is it we are so busy living our lives we can't be bothered to participate? As we shift our focus to the next election cycle, just around the corner (filing date is February 2020), we are looking for people to join our cause. If you want to make a difference in your county, whether it be as a candidate for office, to run as a PC, volunteer to work events and/or walk on behalf of fiscal conservatives , WE NEED YOU! Or,

if you just want to send us contributions so we can do all of those things, WE NEED YOU EVEN MORE!

If you want to see more fiscal conservatives elected in Hamilton County, please join us and let's "Make HamCO Great Again!"