GOP excommunicates leader of FCOHC for endorsing fiscal conservatives.

So it is official. The Fifth District Central Committee voted 2-0 (with one abstention) to absolve GOP elected Precinct Committeemen David Giffel (FCoHC Treasurer) from Fishers, Gregg Feigh from Carmel, and Lee Clark from Noblesville from being deemed "not in good standing." By the same 2-0 vote they also determined that I was found "not in good standing" and removed as Vice PC and suspended from any party role for 1 year.

What was our sin? We are members of the Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County and since this group endorsed non-republicans in the last election we had to be silenced. As noted in previous blogs, Mr. Feigh and Mr. Clark were not even in attendance when the endorsements were voted on and Mr. Giffel abstained. Thus, not one of them had done anything to warrant this kangaroo court, whereas I am guilty as hell. Not only did I advance the endorsement for Libertarian, Donald Rainwater, but I voted in favor of both him and the Democrat Jocelyn Vare. I also voted for the two GOP candidates we endorsed, but apparently that is what I am required to do.

As I noted in my post election recap, I voted to endorse non republicans because the HamCo Republicans have not been very fiscally conservative and my objective is to promote fiscal conservatism. My initial reaction to the hearing was to resign and allow the elected PC (my wife, Brenda) appoint a replacement and deny this kangaroo court the opportunity to remove me. After much deliberation, I retained Greg Purvis, a Democrat lawyer, who happens to be on the HamCo election board.

Mr. Purvis was present in both hearings in front of the election board that involved the HamCo GOP this year: The one where a bribe was offered by the Brainard campaign to Fred Glynn, and the most recent one where the GOP primary winner Mike Johns challenged the signatures of the "Independent Republican." Do you know who else was also at both hearings? David Brooks, the HamCo GOP lawyer, who represented the party chair in the first hearing and the independent in the latter hearing. That was the final straw for me personally. They didn't even try to hide it any longer. Where does that leave us? The FCoHC has been actively seeking fiscal conservatives to run for PC in the upcoming GOP primary. It is apparent to us that the only way to restore the party back to its roots is to do so by electing a new chairperson and deny RINO's access to the GOP primary ballot as has been the case these last few years.

If you have voted in the last three GOP primaries and wish to get involved in returning HamCo back toward fiscal sanity, then we need you. We will be publishing more information about the duties and responsibilities (we learned of a whole new criteria last week) but we need 200 candidates county wide. If you wish to learn more then please send us an email at .

Bill Smythe is a founding member and current President of the FCoHC Board and is a resident of Fishers. He is a small business owner, lobbyist and political consultant.