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Attempting to Deny My Republican Constituents and Attacking Fiscal Conservatism

I usually blog about local taxes, capitalism, and Tax Increment Financing, but this blog is about my Republican Party.

Attacking each other

A Precinct is effectively the political equivalent of your neighborhood as the smallest political unit in the country. A Precinct Committeeman (PC) is an elected or appointed position of the Republican party and the very grassroots of a party. Precinct Committee Persons are the people that are legally and electorally responsible for getting out the vote on Election Day. They canvass, deliver campaign literature and serve as year-round campaign volunteers for their political party in every election. I know the job, the commitment, and stand proudly because I did my job. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]I am an elected Republican Precinct Committeeman for Hamilton County Delaware 19 in Fishers. On November 7, 2019, a Noblesville 6 Precinct Committeeperson, Adrienne Rogers, filed a complaint with the Republican Party alleging I violated Party Rule 1-25. Anyone can recklessly file a complaint, however, I proved that I never broke my commitment to my Party.

The argument in the complaint implied I hid behind a group who endorsed a Democrat and Libertarian candidate in the general election. The group believed these candidates were Fiscally Conservative.

I am a founding member of a non-partisan group called the Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County (FCoHC). The reason we started this group was to find like-minded conservative candidates to shape our community and keep people informed about local issues. We are a group that supports Republican candidates, but that does not mean we all as individuals agree on topics or specific candidates we may endorse. Laura Campbell, the Hamilton County Chairperson, knew in advance this complaint was being filed, and she was aware of the job I did to promote only the Republican Party Candidates. Ms. Campbell informed me she was not going to file a complaint, but anyone could make a complaint, and I would need to defend myself. Ms. Rogers, the complainer, was a direct employee of Ms. Campbell and worked for the Hamilton County Republican Party. I gave Ms. Rogers the benefit of the doubt and wrote her a personal letter with proof of my work in my precinct. I secured sign locations for my candidates at key homes and places for contested races. I printed postcards promoting my candidates and encouraged early voting, which I delivered in person while knocking on doors in my Precinct. I walked with my Councilman, who I consider a friend and a good Fishers leader. There is not one social media communication showing I violated any rules.

Yet, Ms. Rogers proceeded with accusing me of not doing my job. By continuing to pursue the charge, I conclude this was an individual (or hidden persons behind her) attempt to deny my Republican constituents the representation they voted for, and also an attack on my fiscal conservatism. There are no party rules stating a PC cannot participate in a non-partisan group.

Final Ruling

I hide from no one. My contact information is easy to find, and I will always listen and discuss any conflict you may have with me. My door is open to promoting any Republican who I personally believe is honorable and not seeking personal financial gain from an elected position. Generally, I do support the PAC, but to conclude I supported our group's decision is absurd. Our Group minutes clearly showed evidence to the contrary. Everyone in our group is free to make decisions based on their own values. I respect their decision.

I participate in many different groups in various ways and degrees. The disturbing point to me is an apparent lack of understanding between the separation of doing your job as a PC and participating in a group. Our group aligns on most issues, but each individual who participates in the FCoHC can have their own opinion. I would not treat my fellow Republican PC's in this unfair manner, and I expect the same courtesy in the future. We have an important election coming up in 2020, and it would be my preference that rather than behaving in divisiveness, we work toward electing good people with conservative, ethical values. Note: I want to thank Jeff Heinzmann of Heinzmann Law Office for defending me while I was on Thanksgiving Holiday. I highly recommend anyone who is falsely accused to contact Jeff. He will represent you well. David Giffel is a Fishers Indiana homeowner, Republican Hamilton County Delaware Township Board Member, Hamilton County Delaware 19 Republican precinct Committeeman, FCoHC Board-member, Chairman Central Indiana IoPP Chapter, entrepreneur and has over 29 years business experience in manufacturing polymer resins, compounds and plastic films.

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