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McKinney and Beaver are the only true fiscal conservatives worthy of our endorsement

As we near the delayed primary election to be held on June 2nd, like most of you, the board of FCOHC has struggled to function within normal capacity during the stay at home orders. That means we have had a difficult time getting together and discussing/reviewing suggested endorsements for the county offices being contested. Our charter limits our mission to county level government and downward. Therefore, we will offer no endorsements for any state or federal offices as a group.

However, the FCOHC is pleased to endorse two candidates for the Hamilton County Council – At Large, current council president Rick McKinney and Brad Beaver. Both have established and proven records as fiscal conservatives; they have “walked the walk” for an extended period of time so they can be trusted and relied upon to be taxpayer advocates and also support for maintaining the high quality of life in Hamilton County.

Property tax rates have stayed level during their tenure and the County is in the best financial position of any county, city or town in the state of Indiana!

Parks have been improved and new ones developed, economic development encouraged by new road expansion and bridges rebuilt, and an expansion of the Jail was made using cash, not new debt. Energy needs of the Criminal Justice Complex on Cumberland Road have been diversified with the installation of solar panels and compressed natural gas, which translates into current and future savings on utility expenses of over $25 million.

Finally, the two have been at the forefront of promoting and protecting transparency of government actions with their dogged pursuit of making the County Council’s meetings available thru web streaming. No other County government entity does this. Three seats will be determined in the primary and will go forward to the general election in the fall but WE recommend you only vote for TWO!

We enthusiastically support Rick McKinney and Brad Beaver’s candidacies for re-election and urge all voters to support them now by requesting an absentee ballot before May 21; or voting in person at an early voting site in one of the cities May 26-June 1; or in person at their individual voting location on June 2 between 6am to 6pm.

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