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SR 37:Something is not adding up part 2

On February 20th, long, long ago, and before Coronavirus, I published a post titled SR 37: Something is not adding up .

There was another joint meeting between the HamCo commissioners and County Council on June 8th, shortly after the recent primary, that will permanently alter the county council. During that meeting the commissioners presented the councilors with a new budget estimate for the SR 37 project. I am still troubled that there has been no local media reporting on the new budget information, but have come to accept that in this county.

One would think admitting the project is $42 million short might warrant some media mention. Let that sink in. $42 million on a project that was initially budgeted for $124 . The State of Indiana kicked in $100 (ostensibly to ensure Pence won reelection as Governor in 2016 ) and then HamCo and Fishers ponied up $12 million each. Any additional funding is the responsibility of HamCo and Fishers EQUALLY! There is a Fishers City Council meeting tonight and following a quick review of the agenda, I will note, it is absent any mention of this additional spending request. In speaking with City Councilor Jocelyn Vare she mentioned that she is very concerned about both the additional $21 million and that there has been no mention of it as of yet. My last blog on this subject discussed the possible elimination of interchanges at 131st and or 141st which was dismissed as nonsensical by the city of Fishers elected officials. However, the below warning remains 100% true. The good news is there is no local media to report on it so most people will never know why their taxes must go up. It also means a very large number of businesses on the west side of SR 37 will be irreparably harmed or a massive tax increase is coming to pay for this mistake. Don't say you haven't been warned.

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