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Seeking School Board Candidates in Westfield

As the November election draws nearer, and based on recent occurrences within the Westfield-Washington School District, The Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County (FCoHC), are pleased to announce that we are seeking School Board candidates, specifically those qualified individuals in Westfield, to represent districts Numbers One (green) and Three (purple).

In short, the FCoHC are a multi-partisan political action committee who are inclusive of members throughout our county. We are represented by members who advocate fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, reduced spending, and lower debt. Historically, we endorse political candidates based on their alignment with our values of fiscally conservative beliefs. In the case of a school board candidate, which is a non-partisan elected office, we are seeking someone who is not affiliated with special interest factions or might succumb to pressures applied by any group that seeks to dilute the successes of Westfield-Washington Schools. We are looking for strong and effective leaders focused on long term strategic planning; individuals who can act as community fiduciaries; who will help implement a vision for the superintendent to follow; who will use student achievement as the primary barometer for policy decisions; and advocate for the needs of all students, teachers, and staff within the district as part of a governance team.

Qualified individuals should send an email to with a brief explanation regarding their willingness for candidacy, personal contact information, and brief history of qualifications which guide them to believe they are the best person for the position. Applications will be vetted based on the character and candor of the candidate.

If you have any questions regarding this advertisement or wish to respond to our request for candidacy, please email us at: Inquiries and applications will be kept confidential until a decision has been made regarding endorsement. We are here to help identify prospective candidates in Westfield and consider it our pleasure to facilitate in this regard. Please email us NOT LATER THAN JULY 31ST.


Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County

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