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A Little Higher Than the County Level

It occurs to us, as a group, that you might be wondering why we haven’t endorsed any candidates for the upcoming general election. Quite frankly, as the Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton COUNTY, we collectively decided years ago that we would stay out of contested races above the county level. However, we believe many of you look to us for guidance during election cycles, so we offer these thoughts.

As a group, we don’t all see eye-to-eye on the Presidential election. The executive board of three has two people who support the President, and one who can best be described as a “Never-Trumper.” As many of you know, our full group faced backlash after endorsing a Libertarian for Mayor of Westfield and a Democrat for City Council in Fishers, causing one member to be unceremoniously thrown out of the Republican party for a period of one year. As a larger group, some support Governor Holcomb while others believe the Libertarian candidate, Rainwwater, may be the better choice this year. All of us have serious concerns about a divide that has existed within the Hamilton County GOP for many years, though we have been primarily focused on solid, fiscally conservative, Republican candidates when they exist.

Focused solely on fiscal issues, we support Brad Beaver for the Hamilton County Council and ONLY Brad Beaver as the fiscally conservative choice. We endorsed him in the Primary and we continue to support his efforts. We believe Susan Byer is the correct choice for Hamilton County Treasurer. Also, please remember there are down-ballot selections that directly affect each community and casting your vote for school board candidates is an important part of the voting process with positions that are closer to the people and your tax dollars.

Where all three of us agree again is in the 5th Congressional District. There is only one clear choice, from our perspective, and that person is Victoria Spartz. As a champion for health care, we believe Victoria Spartz will work to lower costs and increase access to it, giving you more control. When it comes to health policy, it always boils down to money. We believe good jobs and a vital economy are essential to the people of Hamilton County as well as her ample support of free-market principles. We agree with Victoria that voters should concern themselves with experiencing less government and more freedom and have seen her committed to these ideals through her work at the Statehouse as our State Senator. As an advocate for small businesses and business owners, she is the right person for this position. (In fact, the never-Trumper believes that following this election, we will need a true fiscal conservative, more than ever, as a Representative who is truly prepared to stand up as an advocate for what is right rather than what any party dictates is important.) Victoria Spartz stands against socialism and is the best candidate to represent Hoosier values in Washington. We support Victoria Spartz.


The Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County Executive Board

Bill Smythe (Founder), Marla Ailor (VP), and David Giffel (Founding member and Treasurer)

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