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HSE's Debt is Too High

David Giffel April 7, 2021 (Opinion)

Carmel has some of the lowest property taxes of any incorporated area in Hamilton County. When I compare Fishers to Carmel, one answer is the difference in school property taxes. Hamilton Southeastern Schools’ property tax rate is significantly higher than Carmel Clay Schools. Think about it, if a Carmel homeowner earns the same wages as someone in Fishers, the Carmel homeowner can afford a house that costs about $5,000 more with the difference in the taxes paid. In ten years, that difference is $1,000's to a Fishers' homeowner. The Reason The reason Carmel's school tax rate is lower is because of less school debt and fewer buildings. Carmel Schools have fewer debt obligations! Carmel had time to grow into its shoes. Fishers will never be able to achieve the same lower tax rate unless we demand change.

Carmel vs Fishers Rates and School Debt obligations (DLGF)

The Future Problem The problem is the City of Noblesville's growth into Wayne Township. Wayne Township is in HSE's district and projects high growth into the future. Fishers' property owners will continue to carry a high debt burden with the need for new schools as the population grows east of Noblesville into HSE's district. Wayne Township and Noblesville residents should be responsible, not Fishers.

We can see the historical Fishers' homeowner growth from 2000 to 2020. In this time period, HSE's enrollment grew from 8,779 to 22,184 students. HSE's School will likely have huge enrollment increases sooner than we think. The Noblesville Mayor Jenson says, "... made it clear his city plans to expand eastward into Wayne Township with both residential and commercial development..." Then let Noblesville pay for it. The Hamilton County Reporter - Larry Lannan - The future of HSE Schools, Noblesville and Wayne Township

Map of area in year 2000 around I-69
Map of area in 2020 to show neighborhood growth south of I-69 growng north.

Planning Ahead Today, the only HSE school in Wayne Township is Durbin Elementary. Noblesville schools would be better suited to meet the City of Noblesville's goals. It's time for HSE to grow into its shoes like Carmel. HSE needs to redrawing boundaries and develop an exit plan for Noblesville School to now take responsibility. FIshers' property taxpayers should not pay for Noblesville housing developments.

Related Articles The Hamilton County Reporter - LARRY LANNAN AUGUST 14, 2019 - Student population at HSE Schools and the future of Durbin Elementary David Giffel is a founding FCoHC Board-member, Fishers Indiana homeowner, Republican Hamilton County Delaware Township Board Member, Hamilton County Delaware 19 Republican Precinct Committeeman, Chairman Central Indiana IoPP Chapter, entrepreneur, and has over 30 years of business experience in manufacturing polymer resins, compounds, and plastic films.

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