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Your Invitation: Citizen Engagement & Participation in the Public Process

By Marla Ailor, President

February 19, 2022

We, the people, created government to address our shared interests and needs, and to protect our rights. Nowadays, however, we’re guilty of not listening and not participating because all too often political and institutional dynamics have shaped the process in a way that is off-putting. Our discontent is nothing more than a reflection of our failure and the government’s failure to stay sufficiently in touch with one another and work cooperatively.

By inviting people to the proverbial table, government can build on sound decision making and information sharing by allowing its audience to participate in the process. We should be viewed as partners in government rather than customers. Involvement should be encouraged and welcomed. Yet, we are criticized as lacking competence, expertise, skill, and time.

Day-after-day the media shows us a perspective which only advances the position of those in power. Likewise, business leaders promote their interests in closed forums. We are the stakeholders of our communities and it is the value of our participation that is measured on election day.

This is a policy issue as I see it. To regain our trust, officials should work with us to recall why “we” created government in the first place. We have a mutual responsibility to direct our community’s future. Without engaging in the process, we have no hope of protecting our quality of life or individual freedoms.

The Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County are in the process of reorganizing, and growing, along with many other groups in Hamilton County who understand the importance of using their intentional influence to move forward and lead…because not participating is just too risky. We know who we are, and our ideas and expectations don’t always match up with that of local government. If you have a shared interest in participating in the process and a love of transparent and accountable government, please reach out to us.

We can be reached at:

The Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County is a watchdog organization in Hamilton County, Indiana of residents who are volunteers focused on fiscal policy and fiscal issues. It is free of outside control by any individual, organization or group. It exists to distribute opinions on issues affecting Hamilton County residents. Opinions expressed in signed articles do not necessarily represent the views of all members of the FCoHC or its board members.

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